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Nowadays almost every driver on the road today has a cell phone. While cell phones can be very helpful in staying in touch they can be fatal in the hands of someone driving a car. Talking on a cell phone while driving accounts for 23% of car accident each year according to a recent study. That is equal to 1.3 million car wrecks! Teens are not the only ones that text while driving. Adults texting and talking while driving now outnumber teens and has become a serious problem for Alabama roadways. Texting and driving is not the only way cell phone use can cause an accident. Reaching for your cell phone takes your eyes away from the road, listening to someone takes your focus. Cell phone use while driving is such a problem that there are now federal and state laws to help protect people in cars today. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney!

Some people are distracted by talking to other people in their car, changing the radio station or adjusting the GPS/Navigation system. According to one source, 660,000 people are using a cell phone or other electronic device while driving. If you have been the victim of a distracted driver make an appointment today to meet with an attorney for the protection you need and the money you deserve.

Cell Phone Use While Driving

Did you know that a person who uses their cell phone to text while driving is more of dangerous to other motorist than someone with a .08 blood alcohol content? This is what recent studies have revealed. There are currently more than 260 million active cell phone accounts in the United States. That equates to nearly one cell phone for every licensed driver in America. That is a sobering thought.

Government studies show that those who text while driving are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident. Distracted driving, which includes texting and talking on a cell phone, is estimated to have caused approximately 3,000 deaths as well as thousands of non fatal accidents per year.

Chances are that you have used a cell phone while driving at least once. Some people are conscientious enough not to but more people drive and use their cell phones on a regular basis than those who don’t. For many, it is a necessary evil of their job. Thousands of car accidents are caused by cell phone annually and it has become one of the leading causes of driver distraction. Results of recent studies have found the following:

Hands-Free Phones

Arguably hands-free cell phones help reduce driver distraction, but this is not the case. Studies have shown that even hands-free phone users still have significantly slowed reaction times. They tend to take longer to brake at stop signals and they also accelerate at a slower rate. It has also been found that hands-free phone user are just as distracted as non-hands free users and , in fact, have to redial more often causing further distraction.

Even though Alabama has no cell phone use laws, you still have rights if you’ve been injured by a distracted driver. If you have been injured in a car accident involving the other driver using a cell phone, you still have a case. If you live in or around Mobile, Alabama and have suffered injury involving someone on a cell phone, please contact car accident lawyer Richard Mather today to schedule your confidential consultation. There is no obligation and the consultation fee is always free.

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