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Why are SUVs Dangerous?

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Unlike passenger vehicles, SUVs become dangerous in rollover auto accidents due to their height to width ratio. This ratio raises their center of gravity making them less stable and more likely to rollover in sharp turns. Many rollover accidents are in fact single-vehicle accidents and make up for nearly 60% of all SUV fatalities which is much higher than passenger vehicles.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

If you purchased a SUV or light truck, chances are, safety was probably a major factor. An advertised rugged image Because of their size and height, they enable a driver a sight line over other traffic and make the driver feel safer. The truth is that this vehicle’s advantages create a risk in that they are more likely to be involved in rollover accidents. This puts drivers of SUV at particular risk of injury or death due to an SUV’s weight because many SUV manufacturers do not reinforce their roof sufficiently to prevent it from crushing in on the driver and/or passengers.

So, Are SUVs And Similar Vehicles Safer?

SUVs and other light trucks are still just as likely to be involved in a fatal accident as passenger cars. According to Government safety reports, when a SUV is involved in a multi-vehicle accident with a passenger auto, the passengers in the auto may be twice as likely to die. If you are driving an SUV or other light truck, you are more likely to kill an occupant of another vehicle. While that may sound like an SUV is safer, the fact is that while you are more likely to survive a multi-car crash, you are still not any safer. Surprisingly, the overall fatality rate for SUVs is virtually the same as fatality rates for passenger cars according to the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHSTA).

The Bottom Line

SUVs are generally heavier than other passenger vehicles, which can make them safer for occupants and deadly for others in multi-auto crashes. But because their chassis is higher than passenger autos, their bumpers can ride over the reinforced protection zones of autos. But these characteristics make them dangerous to their own passengers and drivers as well.

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