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There are many different types of car wrecks and we are experienced in handling all of them! The type of car accident you have does not determine how much damage you have received. After an accident, hiring an experienced injury attorney is the best way to help you recover any damages you may have. We take the time to carefully review your medical records and the facts surrounding your accident to determine the best way to win your case. We offer the “No Fee Assurance” so you can know that you will never owe an attorney’s fee or expenses on your injury claim unless we WIN for you! Call immediately to schedule a free appointment and meet with a lawyer today!

Rear End Collisions

Rear End Collision - Car Wreck

In the fast paced world of today people are always in a hurry. Rear end wrecks are very common and can be extremely serious in and around Mobile Alabama. These accidents cause neck, head or spinal cord injuries. It can take months or years to heal from a head, neck or spine injury. Some people never completely heal. Most times, the person that caused a rear end accident was not paying attention or they were following too closely. Unfortunately even if you are wearing your seatbelt the damage to your body can be extensive. We encourage you to make an appointment with our law firm today to protect your rights.

Rear End Collisions are on the rise as more people use cell phones on the roads and other driver distractions, some of which are manufacturer installed.

Side Impact Wrecks

Side impact accidents are also known as broadside wrecks or T-bone crash. They are extremely dangerous because the side of most vehicles has less protection than the front or back. Side impacts are among the deadliest auto accidents for children. Often a child’s head will strike the frame of an automobile resulting in a fatality. Our law office has dealt with hundreds of side impact collisions and thousands of auto accident cases. We are confident we can help you recover the monetary damages you have received at the hands of another driver.

Head On Collisions

Head on collisions are very dangerous. They can be especially deadly if the driver or passengers are not wearing a seat belt. Occupants of the vehicle have been known to be thrown out windows or partially through windows. Fatalities in a head on accident can be diminished by wearing your seatbelt and making sure your vehicle has airbags. Airbags today are designed to protect your neck and head. They also reduce the risk of death in a head on collision by up to 30%! Sadly, head on accidents are often caused by someone falling asleep at the wheel, driving while intoxicated or by being distracted. Head on collisions occur most commonly on two lane highways and we have a lot of those country roads in and around Mobile Alabama.

Single Vehicle

Single vehicle accidents are not as uncommon as you may think. There are many reasons someone could get into an accident with no other vehicle involved. Something could be in the road that would cause an accident. Driving impaired, drowsy driving or being distracted could cause a vehicle accident like running off the road. It is possible the car wreck isn’t even your fault. There may be a mechanical failure, something wrong with the vehicle. Road conditions are always a factor. In Mobile Alabama our weather conditions are always changing. From the heavy rain and slow drains in downtown to the flash floods in the more rural areas there is always danger.

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failure accidents can be a rare but that does not mean they do not happen. The top causes of these crashes are “blow outs” from a tire, bad brakes, wipers, damaged head or tail lights or failed steering systems. Tires can explode causing you to have a blowout. The amount of damage depends on your speed and the tire location, the front or back. Over time, tires lose their tread and are not able to hold you on the road as well. Worn tires can cause you to skid on a wet or slick surface.

Your brakes need to be checked regularly to ensure they are not leaking brake fluid and the pads are not worn down. If you are having trouble stopping your vehicle, it is only a matter of time before an accident occurs. Having faulty windshield wipers can cause you to be a “blind” driver. If you are driving through the rain that we have in Mobile Alabama and your windshield wipers fail you can’t see the accident that is about to happen. When they stop working in heavy traffic or your moving fast, a wreck is inevitable. Broken tail lights are a sure way to get rear ended. On a dark night no one can see you without tail lights. You are more likely to end up in an accident. Tail and brake lights signal other drivers to your intentions. Those lights tell people if you are stopping or turning.

Last but not least is a steering system failure. There are many parts in this system. All parts of the steering system can stop suddenly or fail. There are fluids that need to be maintained, joints and links that should be checked or a number of other problems. If a person loses control while driving

Hit and Run

There are always dishonest people out there. It is very frustrating when you are the victim of a hit and run. There is damage to your vehicle or to you! In some cases both! Make sure you document as much information as possible! Write down the time, date, description of the other vehicle (if you can) and call the police. Having an experienced attorney will help with handling the insurance company. We can also handle difficult questions situations and help you determine if you should file a claim.


Intersections come with their own set of rules and laws. Those regulations are there to help the smooth flow of traffic. Accidents occur when someone doesn’t obey the laws put in place. Any person injured in an intersection may have cause for a lawsuit. Motorists that do not follow the law are being negligent and can hit a pedestrian, bicyclist or other vehicle. An accident can be caused by poor intersection design. There may be a lack of visibility, lanes not clearly marked or damaged roadways. The governing agency may be responsible for any damage to your vehicle or you.


Almost nothing is as scary as when a vehicle rolls over during an accident. A flip or rollover accident is when a vehicle rolls to its side or roof. The vehicle may stop on the side or roof. It might continue to roll over multiple times. Commonly this occurs when a vehicle is turned very sharp while moving at high speeds. SUV’s and older cars without much stability are the ones usually seen on their roof or side. People tend to feel safer in bigger SUV’s and do not pay as much attention to their surroundings. They mistakenly think nothing can hurt them because they are safe in their big bulky vehicle. This type of thinking is wrong and contributes to vehicles turning over. The majority of deaths in rollover accidents are caused by not wearing a seatbelt. Always wear a seatbelt. It does not matter if you are just going 1 mile away, an accident can happen anywhere.

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