Automotive Defects

Defects on the road are not limited to just vehicles. They are found in recreational vehicles, trailers and motorcycles. A defective vehicle causes massive amounts of damage. Single car crashes are responsible for almost half of the fatal accidents around Mobile Alabama today. Those accidents are caused by driver error and defects in the vehicle itself. The defects found on vehicles range from the tires to the drive train.

Recreational vehicles and trailers may have faulty wheel bearings, causing the wheel to freeze and the vehicle to swerve off the road. This may cause an accident where more vehicles are involved. Serious injury or death may occur.

Wiring defects under the hood cause fires to break out while driving. The result is a panicked driver and an accident. Fires start even when the vehicle is not in motion. There are cases where a fuel pump did not stop after an accident, feeding gas to a fire igniting the whole car. Those are examples of vehicle defects that the manufacturer may be responsible for. 

A seat belt may not lock properly during an accident causing you to strike the windshield. A trauma to your body like that can cause brain damage or other internal damage. When an airbag that doesn’t deploy during an accident it leaves the victims at risk for injuries that they would not have gotten had the equipment worked properly.

There are laws in place to protect consumers today. These laws help keep manufacturers from allowing defective products to be sold. If it is determined there is a defect, there are steps the company takes to fix the problem.

When a manufacturer is notified there is a defect with their product, they issue a recall. Typically a recall notice is sent to the owner of a vehicle with instructions on how to get the defect fixed. This is a problem because vehicles are sold, owners move and the notice never reaches the person it should. A defective vehicle is then on the road with the potential to kill anyone.

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