Child Product Defects

Child Car Seat

Knowing that your child has been hurt is the scariest thing a parent can hear. Accidents happen every day; some of them could have been avoided. A defective child product can harm or kill your child. Anything from the portable crib your child is napping in, to the toy they received for their second birthday. Harm and death lurk everywhere! If the unthinkable has happened, if your child has been injured or killed by a product designed especially for them, call our office today. Our Law Office is waiting to help you in this difficult time. 

One problem can arise from the stroller you have. A case involving a mother and her infant twins didn’t end in death like it could. After just 6 months of use, a mechanism that holds the stroller seat in place had worn away. Her infants fell forward striking their faces on the concrete. They both went to the hospital to find one had a concussion, the other had sprains and they were both scraped up. This incident could have been avoided if the company that made this product had cared enough about the consumer to do better quality control.

Portable Cribs

Portable cribs are used every day all around Mobile Alabama. They are pulled out at family functions so your baby is always close by. These handy cribs are easy to assemble and can be taken anywhere. The top rails of these cribs can rotate and strangle an infant. The mattress pad inside the crib can suffocate your baby. These are not extreme cases. These things do and have happened. Portable cribs are used in daycare's. These incidents are not accidents. They are the result of carelessness. From the manufacturer to the person caring for your baby, this could have been avoided. Side drop cribs also have design defects. Death and injury are not restricted to portable cribs only. Crib defects do not always result in death. An injury from a crib defect can result in a broken arm, concussion scratches and bruises. If you or someone you know has lost a child due or had a child injured due to product defects, please call our office right away. We handle cases like this every day and have the compassion and experience needed to win your case.

Child’s Swing, Bath Seats, Baby Monitors

Other child products with death in its history are things like a child’s swing, a bath seat, and baby monitor and sleeper positioner. Companies that make products for children need to have higher standards for testing their designs. The lives and well being of an infant or child is resting in these products. 

Most parents think that because a product was made or designed for a child, it is safe to use. That is not always the case.  All children are different; they develop at different stages and reach milestones at different times. Some children pull themselves up in their crib before others. As anyone with a small child knows, your young one is always into something else. Manufacturing companies should consider all possibilities when testing their products. 

Sadly, each year, 69,000 children end up injured as a result of product defects just like the ones mentioned here. If you are the victim of a child product defect, please call our office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for your free consultation.