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Car Wreck Personal InjuryThe Law Office of Richard Mather in Mobile Alabama is here with the experience needed to assist you in your personal injury case. We have helped accident victims recover millions of dollars in damages related to an accident that caused you or a loved one personal injury. When you are injured in an accident there are unseen medical bills and wages lost from being unable to work. Life continues to go on around you; bill collectors are not concerned with your circumstances. They do not care if you are struggling to make ends meet. We care about our clients and work tirelessly to help you get back on your feet. Call today to make an appointment and speak with our expert staff.

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury is characterized as damage to your body instead of damage to your belongings. Many things cause personal injury today. You may have slipped and fell because of a spill or damage to a floor, if you were hurt in this accident that may qualify as personal injury! Why you need an Attorney

Types of Personal Injury Claims

Car wrecks occur even when you are being safe and following all of the driving laws. You may have been driving down the interstate and another careless person pulled over on you! People that ride bicycles share the road with vehicles that are capable of causing injury! If your neck or back was injured, you may have a personal injury claim. We know that a back injury can take several weeks, months or even years to heal. The longer it takes, the more your family does without. A neck injury or back problem can result in paralysis leaving you forever unable to move.

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Product defects are another form of personal injury. A medication that causes an adverse reaction or a lawn mower that does not have the proper guard is a few examples of products that can cause serious harm! When you make a purchase you expect a product to be safe to use. Call our office now to discuss your case and determine if how you should proceed. We understand that things are sometimes out of your control. An injury makes you unable to care for and provide for your family. Insurance companies are not worrying about your power bill or if your child can get to school or not. One call can ease your mind and get you started on the right path to healing and helping your family.

What Should I Do?

There are many ways you may have been injured and at the Law Office of Richard Mather, we want to hear about you!

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