Brain Injuries

Brain Injury

People hear brain injury and immediately think of a car accident. They also occur in motorcycle accidents, swimming pools, slip and falls or the result of a defective product. A brain injury leaves each victim at different levels of disability. If you or a loved one has been disabled due to a brain injury call our office as soon as possible to schedule your free appointment. We take the time to listen to your story and will work hard to get the compensation that you deserve.

Brain injury can happen to any age group but is most common seen in males 15-27, young children and the elderly. Young males have brain injuries as a result of their high risk lifestyles. Falls are the number one cause of brain injury in toddlers, young children and the elderly. Sadly, in infants, being shaken causes traumatic brain injury.

The brain controls every aspect of your body, from breathing to walking. If your brain is injured you are now finding that you are relying on someone else to take care of you. Some symptoms of a brain injury include nausea, vomiting, headache, blurry vision, depression and mood changes. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms named here and have been in an accident or fall, seek medical attention immediately.

Amnesia or memory loss is associated with brain injury. There are two different types of memory loss, long or short term. The area of the brain affected determines what type of memory loss you have. You may have trouble speaking, swallowing food or drink, difficulty walking or lost those abilities all together. Your loved one may be forever bed bound or attached to machines assisting them to live. Brain injuries are very serious and are not reversible.

There are enormous financial burdens that come with a brain injury of any sort. Your other bills do not stop when a loved one is injured. Commuting between the hospital and home every day puts a strain on you and your family; not only emotionally but physically and financially. We are here to help relieve some of that burden so you can focus on your family. The Law Office of Richard Mather has helped thousands of victims recover the compensation they deserve. We have the knowledge needed to talk to insurance companies and fight for your rights. Call us now at 251-432-2580