Neck Injuries

Neck Injury

There are many injuries associated with an accident one of which is a neck injury. Damage to the bones of the neck as well as the soft tissue can result in whiplash. You can have an injury of this sort from a slip and fall at work, a car accident or a sport injury.

Whiplash isn’t just a pain in the neck. Whiplash victims often have chronic headaches, pain in their backs and around their shoulder blades. Damage occurs to the tissue, muscle and ligaments in the neck. When you have damage to an area of the body it affects other areas in a negative way. Neck injury victims suffer with headaches, dizziness, arm and joint pain, visual disturbances and ringing in the ears. We know at our Law Office that when you have been injured in an accident it can be difficult to get anyone to listen to you. At our law office we care about our clients and their families. Call and schedule an appointment now!

Injuries of the neck have lasting results. Physical therapy has been shown to help victims of a neck injury. Recovery from a neck injury takes months to completely heal. During that time you can’t provide for your family which means that everyone suffers.

The psychological effects of a neck injury can be severe. After a neck injury depression, anxiety, anger and frustration are common. Your life as you once knew it has completely changed. Some neck injury victims have been known to experience sleep disturbances, post-traumatic stress disorder and even drug dependency due to the narcotics used for pain control. If you or any one in your family has been affected by a neck injury, call our office now to schedule your free consultation. There is no fee unless we win your case.