Spine & Back Injuries FAQ

1. What type of money can I recover?

If your property was damaged in the incident you can recover the repair or replacement money. You may also be entitled to medical expenses related to your injury. If your injuries are extensive and require future doctor visits, you may be eligible for that compensation. When a back or spine injury leaves you unable to work there are claims for lost wages. If you are partially or completely disabled due to your back or spine injury, you may qualify for lost future earnings. Meeting with our staff today will help ease your worry. We can determine what you will be able to file and start your claim now. Call our office immediately!

2. How much money is my claim worth?

There are multiple things to consider when determining what your back injury is worth. The first thing we look at is the amount of medical bills you have related to your accident. We figure the amount of money you missed from work because of your injury. There is not one set amount for every injury. Our office will look at other cases that are similar to yours and determine a pattern. You should not try to estimate the value on your own and settle with an insurance company. Our Law Office has experience handling cases like this and will guide you in the process.

3. How much is a lawyer?

The consultation is free! There are no up front cost and no fee at all unless we win your case! The attorney fees vary based on the settlement amount. The fee is discussed at your first appointment where the attorney you talk with can go more in depth. We encourage you to make an appointment now to meet with our expert staff!

4. What do I need for my appointment?

A list of witnesses to the accident with phone numbers and addresses will be helpful in making your case. Please do not attempt to interview witnesses yourself. Be sure to write a daily journal of your progress through physical therapy for your spine or back injury as well as any medical documentation. A spine or back injury takes weeks, months or years to heal, it may not ever heal completely. Any information you feel is important to your case, bring it with you. We need to hear every aspect of your case to assist you in making the right decisions.

5. How should I pick an attorney for my case?

Know the attorney’s record. Do they demonstrate knowledge in the areas of law you need? What is their reputation? Often times a big law firm will get you in the door, have you sign a contract, then you can’t get them on the phone. It’s like they have moved on to the next client without thinking of you. Richard Mather is not like other attorneys because he returns calls to his clients. It does not matter if you just signed or you are an established client. Make sure you pick an attorney with compassion.