Commercial Vehicles & Distracted Driving

Texting And Driving

There is no excuse for anyone to text while driving-especially the driver of a commercial vehicle that weighs in at 80,000 pounds. Drivers who text and drive, and the companies that choose to ignore this problem are not only neglecting their legal duty, they are neglecting their moral duty to drive in a safe manner. 

Texting and driving is a choice. When a driver chooses to put his personal interests over the safety of others, accidents follow. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation has passed a law that makes it illegal for any driver of a commercial vehicle to send or read a text message while they are driving.

Driving And Cell Phone Use

Recent studies have now shown that drivers who use cell phones while driving are twice as likely to be involved in an accident due to the distraction of a cell phone use. A driver's awareness of his or her surroundings and their reaction times are decreased greatly when talking on a cell phone. This is particularly dangerous when the driver of a big truck is talking on a cell phone. Their stopping distances are much longer and a passenger vehicle and their vehicles take more room to maneuver. Consequently, some states have banned cell phone use while driving, but may drivers still choose to tempt fate and use their phones anyway.

Are You a Victim of Distracted Driving?

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