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Burn Injuries, Burn InjuriesSevere burns are one of the most painful types of injuries one can suffer from. The healing process can take months or even years and lead to multiple operations. The victim is usually left with permanent scarring or disfigurement. Even after the skin heals, the emotional damage can remain for life. If you or a loved has been a victim of a burn injury, the law office of Richard Mather helps you get compensation from those who were negligent in the cause of your injuries. You have rights that you are entitled to and those whose negligence has caused your pain need to be held accountable and pay what is rightly yours. Call us and we will handle your case with integrity and the experience needed to get you the money you and your family deserve.

Common Causes of Fire and Burn Injuries:

  • Vehicle Accidents: When a fuel tank explodes or other fires occur causing you to be severely burned.
  • Electrical Accidents: Occur when property owners and contractors fail to protect their workers from high-voltage exposure on the job site and in turn suffer from severe burn injuries.
  • Gas Explosions: This happens when a stove, dryer, or any other gas-powered device is defective and has not been properly maintained and creates an explosion which can cause serious burn injuries.
  • Excessive water Temperature: If your residential building does not have the right equipment to keep scalding hot water out of you water tap, it can cause serious burns.
  • Unprotected Radiators: Radiators that are not properly covered can be a serious threat to others, especially children.
  • Human Error
  • Mechanical Causes
  • Chemical Burns

All the above situations can easily create serious burn injuries. If you or a family member has been a victim of a burn injury, call our law firm today to see what your benefits are and how you can gain compensation for your injuries.


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