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Workers Compensation Lawyer, Workers CompIf you been injured at work trying to provide for your family, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation. Workers compensation is a type of insurance carried by any employer that has 5 or more employees. All employers carry workers compensation so you will not have the right to sue them if you are injured on the job. Compensation from an employer should be able to cover your medical expenses, as well as 1/3 of your wages lost due to the injury and rehabilitation or physical therapy if needed. Worker’s compensation is required by the state. If you have been injured or are having trouble filing your claim, call our office as soon as possible to get the help you need!

Just because you were injured at work does not mean you qualify for workers compensation. If you were in a fight that you started or were doing something illegal when you were injured, you are not qualified for workers compensation. Injuries obtained while you were not on the job or sustained while breaking the policy and procedures of the company are not eligible for workers compensation.  If you were drinking or taking drugs when you were injured, you are not covered under workers compensation.

A workman’s compensation injury does not have to be from an accident like a slip and fall. If your back has been injured by prolonged or repeated lifts, you may qualify. There are also cases of “gradual” injury like lung problems or heart conditions. To discuss your medical condition and see if you qualify, make an appointment to speak with an attorney for free! We can give you the legal advice you need and help you make the right decision.

Your injury does not have to take place on company property to be considered workers compensation. If you are injured while driving a company vehicle or handling company business off the property, you may still be covered. However, not every employee is covered by workers compensation. There are some things and situations not eligible that are determined by each state. You are required to report an injury to your employer within 120 days from the initial date of injury.

Immediately following your injury you will be required to take a drug screen and see a physician. In some cases, but not usually, you can use your own doctor for workers compensation claims. Most often there is a doctor’s office that is associated with your employer. We find that in these cases, the doctors have been known to down play the severity of the injury or tie it back to a preexisting condition. Those doctors want repeat business from companies and know if they report an injury; the premiums are increased for your employer. It is hard to accept that someone in the medical field will not be honest when it comes to caring for their patient but it is a reality. Call our office if you think this has happened to you. We have experience to help you fight for your rights and we care about our clients well being. To know if your injury is eligible schedule your free appointment and speak with our expert staff.


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