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3 things to consider before talking with the claims adjuster

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

After a motor vehicle accident, dealing with insurance claims adjusters can be overwhelming. It is important to understand the claims process so that you receive fair compensation for your damages and injuries.

There are a few things you should keep in mind before answering the claims adjuster’s call.

1. The adjuster’s priorities

Remember that the claims adjuster works for the insurance company, not you. Their primary goal is to minimize the amount that the company pays on claims. While the adjuster may seem friendly and empathetic, their responsibility is to the insurance company’s bottom line, not your fair compensation.

2. Recorded statements

Insurance adjusters often request recorded statements from claimants to gather information about the accident and the extent of damages and injuries. You should avoid providing such a statement without careful preparation. Anything you say in a recorded statement becomes evidence against you in the claims process. Be cautious about any information you provide and stick to the facts without speculation.

3. Initial settlement offers

When an insurance adjuster presents you with an initial settlement offer, remember that this is often their lowest offer. They may test the waters to see if you will accept a quick, low-ball settlement. Do not feel pressured to accept the first offer, especially if you believe it does not adequately cover your damages and expenses. It is okay to negotiate and push back for a fairer settlement amount.

Considering these points before talking with a claims adjuster can help you protect your interests. By staying informed and advocating for yourself, you can work towards a fair resolution of your claim.